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Wyuna Wildlife Retreat has partnered with Lakeba Group’s asset fractionalisation platform, Bricklet, to provide nature enthusiasts, conservationists, and passionate Australians with the unique opportunity to help protect New South Wales’ threatened Koala population.  

Through this partnership, conservation-conscious Australians can own a fraction of the 388-acre “oasis” nestled in the heart of the Koala Corridor in Killabakh. Starting at just $5,000, their fractional ownership will help preserve the Koala haven and ensure the species’ protection in the area.   

Recent natural disasters have had a devastating impact on Koala populations across the country, with fears they could be extinct by 2050 unless urgent action to protect the iconic animal is taken by the government and ordinary Australians.  

The initiative complements the New South Wales Government’s plan to add a further 175,000 hectares of public reserve to existing protected areas, dubbed ‘The Great Koala National Park’.  

Partners will not only have the satisfaction of knowing that they are taking real action to shelter Australia’s iconic koalas but can also immerse themselves in this pristine environment with accommodation options such as tiny homes, glamping and camping.   

Partners can also enjoy attractive returns on their investment by sharing in income from visitor admissions and accommodation at the Wyuna Wildlife Retreat. 

Kabel Vafiopulous, Owner and Managing Director of Wyuna Wildlife Retreat, said with a species under threat, urgent action needed to be taken.  

“Our goal is simple: to inspire people to connect with nature and champion koala conservation,” Mr Vafiopulous said.  

“With Australia’s ecosystems constantly under threat, our partners’ dedication to conservation is giving our threatened koala populations a chance to thrive.” 

Giuseppe Porcelli, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of Bricklet and its parent company Lakeba, said the partnership is a testament to Bricklet’s commitment to nature conservation.    

“This is yet another example of how Bricklet is transforming the market as we know it, and underpins our commitment to protecting and preserving Australia’s iconic natural environment and native species,” Mr Porcelli said.  

“We know Australians are passionate about our environment and our unique native animals, and we see this as just the beginning.   

With this unique investment opportunity, Australians are able to take matters on conservation into their own hands, protecting the habitats of our wildlife for decades to come.”  

For more information on how you can help protect Australia’s vibrant natural environment and species, visit: https://wyunawildliferetreat.com.au/become-a-co-owner/  


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