Lakeba team
We’re 160 people, able to speak the most popular languages and write the most advanced codes. From Argentina, Brazil, the US, the UK, Germany, Italy, South Africa, India, Nepal, Singapore; and of course, Australia, where our HQ is. Working across time-zones we are engineering future technologies that accelerate businesses towards a better tomorrow.

We, the global team

Digital Revolutionaries
Giuseppe Porcelli, Chief Executive Officer, Group
Giuseppe’s focus is perpetual. Empowering everyone at Lakeba to achieve the extraordinary. He knows no borders, fuelled by his entrepreneurial legacy of engineering businesses internationally by conceiving, creating and commercialising tomorrow’s digital disruptors.

Giuseppe Porcelli

Founder & CEO
Antonella De Rosa, Chief Accounting Officer
Money makes the world go ‘round, Antonella makes it go further. With her tenacious discipline of extracting the maximum returns from our turnovers, thereby enabling greater investment in technologies to support our customers.

Antonella De Rosa

Chief Administrative Officer
Alberto Basile, Chief Risk Officer
Alberto’s deep understanding of mathematics, technology and business legislation ensures that our operations respect and reflect compliance, governance, and regulation.

Alberto Basile

Chief Risk Officer​
Aatral Arasu, Chief Technology Officer
Aatral powers Lakeba’s digital charge. Melding our development prowess with advances in computer science and cloud computing, Aatral conceives and creates Lakeba’s technology platform to succeed.

Aatral Arasu

Chief Technology Officer
Susanna Passioni, Chief of Staff & HR
We improve tomorrow together. Susanna embodies this value, enabling the team to advance, collaborate, educate, and succeed. She empowers the Lakeba family to conceive, create and commercialise in harmony.

Susanna Passioni

Chief of Staff & HR
Neil is a numbers man. Stretching every earned or invested dollar to get the best return. He’s an experienced CFO with nearly 3 decades helping start-ups build highly successful ventures. With 10 years at PwC and 5 at Challenger, Neil also knows his way around the big end of town.

Neil Livingstone

Chief Financial Officer
Darshan Shah, Chief Product Officer
Darshan combines advanced technical skill with his acute command of business, nurturing our development teams to create frictionless processes from code.

Darshan Shah

Chief Product Officer
Frank brings the corporate finance world’s rigour to Lakeba. His institutional investor experience, gained from a corporate finance career that includes senior roles at Goldman Sachs, is focussed on aligning the value of the Group and our individual ventures with the investment objectives of large-scale investors.

Frank Zhu

Head of Corporate Finance
Alfonso Porcelli, Head of Technologies & Products
Alfonso oversees the service road map for Ezifin, one of our fintech ventures providing banking as a service.

Alfonso Porcelli

Kreano Chief Executive Officer
Tom makes partnerships real at Lakeba, as our chief architect for co-creating value for our partners, ventures and customers. He’s a successful serial entrepreneur at heart, dedicated to establishing efficient relationships that unleash the creativity of all involved. His approach an energy erupts in synergies.  

Thomas Bender

Chief Commercial Officer
Mark overseas our sales operations across the Group. He applies the rigour and discipline necessary for hyper-growth organisations, ensuring that our ventures are engineered to respond and manage increasing demands with ease. He instils best practice centrally while ensuring that each businesses remains empowered.

Mark Hughes

Verimoto Venture Leader
Myron’s our retail brains trust. He brings his deep retail innovations insights, gained as a senior digitisation executive at Walmart, to our senior executive team. He also directs all of SHELFIE’s operations, focussing specifically on our global expansion into Europe and the US through partners, the channel and direct sales to the world’s largest retailers.

Myron Burke

Shelfie Chief Executive Officer
Darren Younger BRICKLET CEO
Darren heads up our most successful proptech venture. He’s laser focussed on expanding the role that fragmented property plays in making property investment more accessible to individual and institutional investors. Darren founded and built three successful ventures himself.

Darren Younger

Bricklet Chief Executive Officer
Adrian joined us from BNY Mellon to expand the role our fintech for digital document and information curation plays in helping financial services, professional services and government agencies cope with the increasing burdens of managing digitised personal information.

Adrian Vallino

Ezidox Chief Executive Officer
Carmen brings unique global marketing and branding expertise and perspective to Lakeba, having worked in Europe, Australia and New Zealand in world renowned organisations. Ensuring that Lakeba’s customers and investors come first, Carmen combines strategy, execution and passion, striving towards our goal of engineering a better tomorrow.

Carmen Kalinowski-Weaver

Head of SaaS Marketing
Philip Castro Operations Manager
Phil’s our strategy rain maker. Ensuring that we achieve what we set out to build. By eliminating surprises and optimising opportunities. He’s a master of this, being a 30 -year veteran of building Macquarie Group, recently as COO of its financing divisions. He knows what it takes, where to apply it and how to motivate others to achieve it.

Philip Castro

Manager, Operations
Vinuraj Koliyat SHELFIE General Manager
Vinu is our linchpin, ensuring that our advances with computer vision continue to drive the value of the technology for our markets and customers. He’s one of those rare talents who understands technical capabilities through business metrics, ensuring our technology continues to be a revenue driver for our customers. 

Vinuraj Kolyat

Shelfie General Manager
Yehia heads up our retail centre of excellence in Europe. He’s an engineer at heart, degree qualified in Mechanical Engineering. He applies this rational approach together with business strategy to retail, building our operations across Europe’s progressive retail landscape.

Yehia Oweiss

Shelfie Manager, Business Development
Tomas Vernet Product Manager
Tomás is responsible for making technology work for business, and business work the technology. He’s one of our most experienced fintech product managers, skilled in the art and science of interpreting customer and business requirements into advanced technical capabilities.

Tomás Vernet

Ezidox Business Analyst
Mitch Morgan Marketing Manager
Mitch connects our businesses to their markets, leads and prospects. He’s an accomplished marketer able to navigate established and developing marketing channels, with a keen eye of spotting opportunities for exceptional returns on marketing investments.

Mitch Morgan

Manager, Marketing
Marketing Manager Beau Flood helps Lakeba navigate a world of change with a unique data-driven perspective to customer acquisition and success. Beau adds extensive brand and performance experience in some of the world’s leading financial services organisations to our industry leading product portfolio.

Beau Flood

Marketing Manager
Bianca is our administrative professional, who is currently supporting technology leaders and high-tech senior executives. Her aspiration is to be a trusted partner within our organisation. Bianca constantly equips herself with new skills, new technologies and contributes positively to the company's working culture, supporting HR - boosting employee engagement and morale!

Bianca Romano

Assistant, Administration
Rosie is Lakeba’s super glue – she helps bring everything together, wherever it’s needed. She is a pro at wearing multiple hats – Operations, Marketing, Communications, Investor Relations – she does it all. Eager to learn and grow, she supports each of the venture teams with her bubbly and energetic vibe. Every start-up needs a Rosie in their arsenal.

Rosie Porcelli

Bricklet Operation Manager
A natural born people person, Prad empowers ezidox’s customers along their digital transformation journey. Supporting them with on-boarding and proper process implementation to better optimise their secure client data collection.

Pradmesh Prasad

Client Account Manager
Rachna Dubey Project Manager
Rachna’s our scrum coach, trainer and star. She advances our agile Scrum methodology for building the software that builds our businesses. She ensures we remain adaptable, fast, flexible and effective throughout the three phases of engineering our businesses.  Continually optimising customer value throughout each development phase.

Rachna Dubey

Manager, Projects
Erel’s on the money. For our shareholders that is, ensuring that the equity in our group and our various businesses is correctly represented to the market and that we continue to evolve the dynamic relationship we enjoy with our investors.

Erel Sakalli

Analyst, Financial
Jalak Dhameliya Web Developer
Jalak builds what others dream. She’s the dynamo of our front-end development team, ensuring that the people’s online experiences of our businesses and how they touch our technologies remain ahead of established technological capabilities.

Jalak Dhameliya

Developer, Web
Gus Fernandes Multimedia Specialist
Gus is our people mover. He conceives and designs the digital interfaces that drive people to do more business with our platforms. His extensive experienced and diverse UI roles have developed his deep empathy for how people react to technologies. This guides his designs to move people to achieve more through our technologies.

Gus Fernandes

Multimedia Manager/Head of Creativity
As corporate and commercial counsel, Christa leads Lakeba’s global legal department and advises the company on a wide range of Australian and international legal, business and compliance issues. She is familiar with the Australian, US, European Union and Indonesian corporate law and practices. Christa aspires to help Lakeba further establish itself overseas and build the biggest and best tech company.

Christabelle Guvlekjian

Corporate & Commercial Counsel
Dan is an artist at heart with an ever-growing passion for technology. As a UX/UI Designer he fuses the two, creating unique, innovative and impactful design solutions. With his finger on the pulse, he is always abreast the latest tech and design trends. Fuelling his imagination to build the best user experiences for each of Lakeba's ventures.

Daniel Teague

UX/UI Designer
Subarna’s our gun systems analysts, dedicated to researching, consulting and analysing people’s requirements of our technology. He marries this understanding by also involving himself with our development teams; testing and validating our process for optimal performance.

Subarna Khatri

Analysts, Analyst Programmer
Raffaele Cicalese
Raffaele ensures that our business systems keep pace with our growth. He’s particularly focused on ensuring that Microsoft Dynamics continues to provide the functionality and processing needed to manage our growth into new markets, both geographically and vertically.

Raffaele Cicalese

Analysts, Technical Systems
Rafia helps bring Lakeba’s concepts to life. Her laptop is where the metaphorical tyres meet the road, the intersection of design creativity and application functionality. A curious problem solver, Rafia is responsible for the requirements gathering, app architecture and design, and project management for a number of our Ventures.

Rafia Chowdhury

Junior Business Analyst
Neelima brings the agility of her active lifestyle to Lakeba’s tech initiatives. Holding the critical role of Business Analyst, she’s responsible for analysing new requirements and articulating them clearly for our developers to build. Her love of fitness has helped sharpen her skills for overcoming new challenges, applying them every day with Lakeba’s growing technology platforms.

Neelima Yellanki

Junior Business Analyst
Nandy is a self-professed data geek and a stickler for details. These both serve him well as ezidox’s Technical Business Analyst. Making sure the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed, and all new functionality meets customer requirements.

Nandhakumar Sekar

Technical Business Analyst
Balaji grows our technical development operations in Coimbatore, India. His hands-on systems software engineering experience ensures that he galvanises our numerous development teams with empathy and understanding. He never loses sight of the commercial applications of our technologies.

Balaji Sivasubramanian

Head of Operations, India
RajeshKumar Natarajan General Manager
Rajesh oversees all of Lakeba’s operations in India. He insures, with his teams, that Lakeba provides environments in which our operational teams excel sustainably.

Rajesh Kumar Natarajan

General Manager, Lakeba India
Parthipan is an ardent engineer with a proven history of technical and design experience in cloud technology stack (Azure, AWS), including application, networking, routing and security layers of the architecture. Parthipan drives Lakeba's tech platform to be highly secure, performant & reliable. 

Parthipan Baktavatsalam

Manager, DevOps
Rajesh oversees all of Lakeba’s operations in India. He insures, with his teams, that Lakeba provides environments in which our operational teams excel sustainably.

Rajesh Chinnasamy

Manager, Business Development
Prabakaran Shanmugam Ezifin Technical Project Manager
Prabakaran is responsible for leading and managing Lakeba’s global iOS team. His extensive expertise in end-to-end iOS platform application development allows him to lead technical architecture, coding standards and team policies. 

Prabakaran Shanmugam

Ezifin Manager, Technical Projects
Dinesh is responsible for technical design, scope, and planning deliverables across Lakeba. Hi analytical skills offer huge benefits in managing the technical requirements necessary to execute complex technology solutions. His primary interested is in solving problems and creating architecture solutions through a deep understanding of technical platforms. 

Dinesh Govindaraj

EziTech Manager, Technical Projects, EziTech
Ramasamy Seenivasagan Technical Project Manager
Ramasamy combines applied research and innovative technologies to provide strategic direction to research projects and patents ideas across Lakeba. Leading research projects from ideation to deliver, he mentors engineers in staying relevant to the latest technologies. 

Ramasamy Seenivasagan

Shelfie Manager, Technical Projects
Murali Parthiban Ezidox Technical Project Manager
Murali brings invaluable experience in Microsoft .NET technologies and architecting systems to Lakeba’s technical products. His passion lies in keeping abreast of emerging technology whilst knowing the truth behind the behaviour of human psychology and spirituality. 

Murali Parthiban

Ezidox Manager, Technical Projects
Ragupathy Balan Quixxi Security Technical Project Manager
Ragupathy brings new and valuable features across our market-leading suit of applications and products. With an enviable background in secure technology, he incorporates architecture, security analysis and development to Lakeba. 

Ragupathy Balan

Quixxi Manager, Technical Projects
Palaniappan Meyyappan BRICKLET Technical Project Manager
As software architect, Palaniappan is responsible for making high-level design choices to enforce technical standards, across software coding standards, tools, and platforms.  Away from work Palaniappan enjoys creative arts including writing, music and painting. 

Palaniappan Meyyappan

Bricklet Manager, Technical Projects
Gopalakrishnan Palanichamy LUM Technical Project Manager
Gopalakrishnan leads Lakeba’s research, development and patent activities across all our ventures. With a keen interest in machine learning and NLP for mobile applications, he is a strong believer in learning by doing. 

Gopalakrishnan Palanichamy

Manager, Technical Projects, LUM
Navaneetha Kumar Neelakandan
Navaneetha leads Quixxi’s sales and marketing efforts focusing on enterprise client acquisitions and sales management. She specialises in opportunity creation, relationship management and key accounts management. 

Navaneetha Kumar Neelakandan

Quixxi Manager, Sales
jegathesan Lakshmanan
Jegathesan combines significant experience in mobile, web and server technology to boost our desktop and mobile applications. Always looking to explore new technologies, his expertise helps to power Lakeba's technology solutions. 

Jegathesan Lakshmanan

Quixxi Manager, Technical Projects