Lakeba team

We’re 160 people, able to speak the most popular languages and write the most advanced code. From Argentina, Brazil, the US, the UK, Australia, Italy, South Africa, India, Nepal, Singapore; and of course, Australia, where our HQ is. Working across time-zones, cultural differences, and market dynamics. Resolute in seizing the opportunities of this rapidly changing world.

We, the global team

160 Digital Revolutionaries
Giuseppe Porcelli, Chief Executive Officer, Group

Giuseppe’s focus is perpetual. Empowering everyone at Lakeba to achieve the extraordinary. He knows no borders, fuelled by his entrepreneurial legacy of growing businesses internationally – conceiving, creating and commercialising technologies for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Giuseppe Porcelli

Chief Executive Officer, Group
Antonella De Rosa, Chief Accounting Officer

Money makes the world go ‘round. Antonella makes it go further, applying her tenacious discipline of extracting the maximum returns from our turnovers. Enabling greater investment in technologies to support our customers.

Antonella De Rosa

Chief Administrative Officer
Telly Desillas

Telly optimises our capabilities, efficiencies and organisational maturity in accelerating improvements for customers, partners and the communities we operate in. He’s our laser, guiding our tenacity in building commercially successful ventures.

Telly Desillas

Chief Operations Officer
Alberto Basile, Chief Risk Officer

Alberto’s deep understanding of mathematics, technology and business legislation ensures that our operations respect and reflect compliance, governance, and regulation.

Alberto Basile

Chief Risk Officer
AndrewLurashi, Chief Financial Officer, Ventures

Andrew directs Lakeba’s venture financing, optimising each of our businesses’ fiscal performance to maximise their value. Setting commercials that drive viability now and into the future.

Andrew Lurashi

Chief Financial Officer, Ventures
Aatral Arasu, Chief Technology Officer

Aatral powers Lakeba’s digital charge. Melding our development prowess with advances in computer science and cloud computing, Aatral conceives and creates Lakeba’s technology platform to succeed.

Aatral Arasu

Chief Technology Officer
Susanna Passioni, Chief of Staff & HR

We improve tomorrow together. Susanna embodies this value, enabling the team to advance, collaborate, educate, and succeed. She empowers the Lakeba family to conceive, create and commercialise in harmony.

Susanna Passioni

Chief of Staff & HR
Darshan Shah, Chief Product Officer

Darshan combines advanced technical skill with his acute command of business, nurturing our development teams to create frictionless processes from code.

Darshan Shah

Chief Product Officer
Jörn Sanda, Chief Marketing Officer & Head of Communications

Jörn packages Lakeba’s technologies into brand narratives. Giving our businesses an identity that engages stakeholders across the world through brand, reputation, lead generation, and product marketing.

Jörn Sanda

Chief Marketing Officer
Alfonso Porcelli, Head of Technologies & Products

Alfonso creates our technology and products sets from Lakeba conception. Ensuring that we continually support our customers’ evolutions into the Fourth Industrial Age.

Alfonso Porcelli

Head of Technologies & Products
Ash Plaskett Head of Communications

Ash Plaskett

Head of Communications
Marcelo Schmidt, Head of Partnerships

Marcelo develops and nurtures our partnerships ecosystem. Working with those in our TomorrowTogether program to co-create the digital technologies with the best chance for successful commercialisation.

Marcelo Schmidt

Head of Partnerships
Darren Younger BRICKLET CEO

Darren Younger

General Manager, BRICKLET
Peter Hewett Quixxi Security CEO Verimoto CEO

Peter Hewett

General manager, Verimoto
Tom Roche EziFin CIO

Tom Roche

General Manager, Open Banking
Philip Castro Operations Manager

Philip Castro

Operations Manager
Shayne O'Gready Verimoto Product Manager

Shayne O’Gready

Verimoto Product Manager
Vinuraj Koliyat SHELFIE General Manager

Vinuraj Kolyat

SHELFIE General Manager
Tomas Vernet Product Manager

Tomás Vernet

Product Manager
Mitch Morgan Marketing Manager

Mitch Morgan

Marketing Manager
Ashleigh Portelli

Ashleigh Portelli

Bianca Romano Administration Assistant

Bianca Romano

Administration Assistant
Laura Gaskell BRICKLET operations support

Laura Gaskell

BRICKLET Operations Support
Rachna Dubey Project Manager

Rachna Dubey

Project Manager
Jalak Dhameliya Web Developer

Jalak Dhameliya

Developer Programmer
Harish Narayanasamy Blockchain Developer

Harish Narayanasamy

Blockchain Developer
Sanjay Tarani UX/UI Designer

Sanjay Tarani

UX/UI Designer
Gus Fernandes Multimedia Specialist

Gus Fernandes

Multimedia Specialist
Charles Zhenzhong Liu Blockchain Developer

Charles Zhenzhong Liu

Blockchain Developer

Subarna Khatri

Analyst Programmer
Raffaele Cicalese

Raffaele Cicalese

Intern Software Developer

Balaji Sivasubramanian

Head of operations - Lakeba, India
RajeshKumar Natarajan General Manager

RajeshKumar Natarajan

General Manager, Lakeba India
Prabakaran Shanmugam Ezifin Technical Project Manager

Prabakaran Shanmugam

Technical Project Manager, Ezifin

Dinesh Govindaraj

Technical Project Manager, EziTech
Ramasamy Seenivasagan Technical Project Manager

Ramasamy Seenivasagan

Technical Project Manager, SHELFIE
Murali Parthiban Ezidox Technical Project Manager

Murali Parthiban

Technical Project Manager, ezidox
Ragupathy Balan Quixxi Security Technical Project Manager

Ragupathy Balan

Technical Project Manager, Quixxi Security
Palaniappan Meyyappan BRICKLET Technical Project Manager

Palaniappan Meyyappan

Technical Project Manager, BRICKLET
Gopalakrishnan Palanichamy LUM Technical Project Manager

Gopalakrishnan Palanichamy

Technical Project Manager, LUM
Navaneetha Kumar Neelakandan

Navaneetha Kumar Neelakandan

Sales Manager, Quixxi Security
jegathesan Lakshmanan

Jegathesan Lakshmanan

Technical Project Manager, Quixxi Connect