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Accredited as a Financial Times High Growth Company, everything we do is about fast-tracking business success. Committing to scale-ups ready for exponential growth. With mentoring, technology, business services and equity.

It’s the differences we make that matter:

“Lakeba turbo-charged our fragmentation platform. The coding and commercialisation expertise and capacity we gained from Lakeba’s investment reduced our speed to market by years.” 

— BRICKLET Co-founder, Darren Younger

“We were doing well. Now we’re going gangbusters, since Lakeba invested in us by growing our distribution and enhancing the UX of our app.” 

— Appreci CEO/ Founder, Craig Mair

There are no limits to how we work with founders.
Each investment is structured as unique partnerships. Dedicating specific Lakeba assets that fix what’s needed by the business.

Built to scale

Eight years, 17 businesses. We’ve proven ourselves with tenacity, from necessity. Optimised to transform scale-ups with global ambitions and emerging technology smarts.

Geared for growth

Our fund’s an alternative to raising capital to pay for growth and increase capacity. Instead, we deliver accelerated progress and competence by providing access to Lakeba’s technology, business support services, capabilities, faculties and platforms. Each investment we make is customised to each specific business. Optimised for growth.

These are the different types of investments we make to drive growth.

Work Methodology

Work Methodology

Work Methodology

No method of working is universally productive and different teams can work different ways. Our expertise enables us to optimise a business’s operations and productivity.

Quality Assessment

Using our experience and processes, we optimise the quality and rate of development work. We have our proven methods to review both code quality and overall application design.

IT Architecture

Reliability is king. We can ensure that a business’s IT architecture and infrastructure remain scalable, future-proof and available - while still being cost-effective in line with the growth of the business.

Digital Risk Management

Data security is critical. We can effectively manage the risks of running a digital business, from availability through to compliance and legislation. Able to assist in achieving SOC 2, PCI DSS and other certifications, while also ensuring digital business operational redundancy.

Data legislation accreditation

We understand the legislative and standards environment of managing data, having achieved several data and security accreditations, including CDR (Consumer Data Right), SOC2 Type2 and PCI DSS.


We have the money to fund the growth drivers we can’t provide in terms of our own expertise, skills or capacity.


No matter how good an idea, if it doesn’t reach its market it’ll never become reality. Fortunately, or portfolio includes B2C and B2B technology commercialisation right across the globe, with specific market expertise in North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Marketing Support

Our marketing expertise spans international public relations, product marketing, promotion, multi-currency pricing and social media promotions.

Tell us what and we’ll tell you how.

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