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Lakeba is recognised by London’s Financial Times as an Asia Pacific High Growth Company. Focused on expediting the process of turning an idea into a reality. Using our conceive, create, commercialise framework to replicate success. Creating companies of value that provide exponential returns when an exit occurs.

Operating since 2013, Lakeba has 17 businesses across its MachineIQ, FinanceIQ and LakebaTomorrow portfolio. To date, it has sold three businesses generating over $20 million.

We own equity in all the businesses we launch and are focused solely on catalysing business success. As an investor, it’s in our interest for our businesses to realise their full potential and maximise their value.

We’re looking for investors who want to have an impact on the world and improve tomorrow. Who want the opportunity to invest in scaling revenue-generating businesses that offer real change rather than the fanciful ideas of the distant future.

What our investors are saying

“I am continually impressed with the level of innovation at Lakeba, and the way the team is able to rapidly push out new technologies…” 

— Cumulus Wealth

“As the ventures are maturing, the net asset value of the portfolio is becoming very very interesting”

— Altor Alpha Fund

“Lakeba has an outstanding team - and they are about to disrupt multiple industries with breakthrough tech solutions”

— Hannigan Family Office

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