At Lakeba, we believe we improve tomorrow together. Working with partners allows us to more effectively conceive and co-create digital technologies that fix real problems. Problems that hinder the masses, impact customers or frustrate staff.

Whether you’re…
An individual inventor, innovator or developer.
An individual inventor, innovator or developer.
A small business or fortune 500 company.
A small business or fortune 500 company.
In government or academia.
In government or academia.

What our partners are saying

“Lakeba has taken, what is perhaps the real frontier of retailing…every physical outlet in retail is going to be transformed…”.

— Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

“With Lakeba, we aim to quickly scale our platform across operating systems and countries. We want to give this generation of artists and fans a new digital community based on human connection and reciprocity.”

— Max Fergus, CEO of LÜM

“Partnerships with companies such as Lakeba are significant for our students and are a continuation of the active engagement Macquarie has established over the years with key industry sectors.”

— Anne Cooper, Associate Dean, Corporate Engagement, Macquarie University

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Collaboration accelerates innovation and delivers better value to everyone. Join our partner program and together we can eliminate the frictions of today to improve tomorrow.