We believe technology can change the world

Lakeba’s structure and approach to innovation is different to any other company. We are an established technology innovator, empowered with the cultural mindset of a fast-growth start-up. We are inherently flexible in the way we respond to market forces.

Through the power of AI, we thrive on the creative process of discovering what the many challenges are, and then investing our own time and development effort to conceive the solutions. This is reverse innovation at its most powerful. Once we have cracked the blueprint for the technology solution we circle back to the client and partner with them to implement this into their business.

This level of partnership means we desire the success of the solution as much as the organisation we are building these solutions for. This also gives us the scalability to take that solution to other industries in other markets. In terms of the commercialisation phase – this provides critical validation of our innovation and the ability to scale the technology. When a new concept has been fully tested and proven its technical validation and commercial viability, a new company is created and added to the portfolio under Lakeba Ventures. This testing and validating process helps to minimise the risk of failure for each new venture. The portfolio of businesses Lakeba has created are transactional revenue businesses run by an experienced management team and industry entrepreneurs.

At the heart of our capability, Lakeba inherently understands the context of the user, what industry needs and how to scale these new technologies into profitable use cases, allowing Lakeba to take first mover position and moving rapidly with clients to commercialise and implement these new services at scale to markets across the globe.

Our Mission

Lakeba is a technology innovator whose mission is to change the world with digital solutions that drive value, deliver impact and nurture sustainable growth for businesses globally.

We strive to create opportunity in every region around the world. Our strategy is to build best-of-breed platforms and digital solutions fuelled by powerful insights through the use of artificial intelligence (“AI”) built on 21st century technology platforms.

Our Vision

We are a global technology innovator, creating digital solutions through the proven integrity of our conceive, create, commercialise model, to help businesses and communities find their true potential.


We are futuristic in our thinking, always seeing new ways to create positive impact

We are bold in our vision and believe technology innovation is the driver of change

We believe deeply in collaboration which allows for rewarding alignment with our partners and customers

We are entrepreneurial in our thinking and thrive in developing solutions to meet industry challenges, giving us the intellectual license to create new solutions in a way that others cannot

We are solutions-oriented with an approach that drives simplicity not complexity

We believe innovation is the truest form of progress