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In 2022 the average Australian household has an annual carbon footprint of approximately 15-20 tonnes of CO2e. According to the United Nations, to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2050 we must limit our per-person emissions to two tonnes CO2e per year. 

In light of perceived inaction from government and corporates around carbon emissions, many Australian households, individuals and businesses are looking for new and innovative ways to take responsibility for their carbon footprints. 

To help close this gap Bricklet and Xenith have come together to create unique parcels of land for an investment of as little as $10k, that can be proactively used to offset carbon emissions. 

Bricklet is a leading Australian technology platform, created to lower the barrier to entry to the property market by allowing developers and investors to sub divide real estate into easily and accessible shares called property fragments.   

In partnership with Xenith, the technology will now be harnessed to segment previously redundant rural land used as buffers around mines and industrial complexes. These plots of up to 10 hectares each will then be used to plant trees to remove or ‘sequester’ carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, converting it into organic carbon as they grow. 

Bricklet CEO Darren Younger said the sucess of the platform naturally allied it to innovative applications such as helping to solve the carbon deadlock.

Australians have been crying out for a different and socially responsible way to manage their individual carbon footprints for some time, and the ease of our solution is a positive step towards a cleaner future.  

“Technology such as the Bricklet platform is simply an enabler to create better outcomes for all. Having already revolutionised the Australian property market, working with Xenith to tackle concerns around climate seemed like a logical next step.

Xenith Consulting CEO Troy Turner added that carbon neutrality was set to be one of the defining issues of our generation, an issue he was delighted to be able to help tackle in such an innovative way.

“Our expertise in innovative solutions in the mining and resource sectors is a perfect fit for Bricklet’s technology platform. 

“Together we have created the future of carbon credits in Australia, a partnership we hope to bring to a wider global audience in the near future.”