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Chou who founded Ironfish in 2006, has grown it into one of the region’s largest and most successful property investment brands with seven offices across Australia, and five in China including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Nanning.

Ironfish also has multiple property development arms and property management branches around Australia. The company’s unique property eco-system is designed to help more Australians build wealth over the long-term through strategic property investments.

Currently a subsidiary of innovative Australian technology organisation Lakeba Group, Bricklet was created as a world-first consumer property marketplace to unlock value for smaller and first-time investors, offering them entry into this lucrative market at a low entry point.

Bricklet creates balance in the Australian property market using revolutionary blockchain technology to sub-divide or fragment properties. These are then traded on the Bricklet marketplace, offering investors a portion of land title at a fraction of traditional property investments.

With over twenty years’ experience in helping Australians build wealth through innovative property solutions, Chou joins Bricklet Chairman Giuseppe Porcelli and Managing Director Darren Younger on Bricklet’s board to assist with strategy and long-term growth across the platform.

Bricklet has recently sourced further properties for its marketplace, having secured a partner-driven $30million AUD debt facility, and will look to the expertise of Chou in delivering our message and distribution strategy.

Commenting on the appointment, Chou said he was delighted to be bringing his two decades of experience to help more people secure their future through the Bricklet Marketplace.

“Ironfish’s vision and my passion is to make property investment more accessible and to be at the forefront of innovation for the benefit of customers and the industry – technology is a key driver of this process. What Giuseppe, Darren and the Bricklet team are creating is a phenomenal end to end solution to simplify and democratise the property market, and I am honoured to be able to add my expertise to that success,” he said.

Lakeba Group CEO Giuseppe Porcelli, recently appointed as Bricklet’s Chairperson, officially welcomed Chou to the board, signalling his appointment as a sign of the group’s ongoing vision of creating innovative technology-led solutions to disrupt the market.

“Joseph’s track record in helping everyday people build wealth through property really speaks for itself. Having someone of his calibre join Bricklet’s board is a huge endorsement of our vision and I look forward to working together to create even better solutions through innovation and technology, “he added.