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Giuseppe, as the CEO and Founder of Lakeba, you’ve navigated through stagnant growth periods and emerged with innovative solutions. Could you share your insights on how businesses can revitalise their growth strategies in challenging times?

Giuseppe: Absolutely. As the driving force behind our company, I firmly believe that innovation is the key to overcoming such hurdles. It’s not just a strategy for us; it’s ingrained in our DNA. We thrive on pushing boundaries, crafting new ideas, and refining our services daily. Innovation is our lifeline.

Interviewer: How do you involve your team in the innovation process?

Giuseppe: I’ve always believed that innovation thrives in collaborative environments. At Lakeba, we engage our team at every level. We gather input from employees across the board, as they often offer unique insights into customer needs and market dynamics. We encourage brainstorming sessions and foster a culture that values experimentation and rewards initiative. We even organise idea competitions globally. By harnessing the collective intelligence and creativity of our team, we keep our business and ideas fresh.

Interviewer: Can you elaborate on how businesses can strategically pivot to drive growth?

Giuseppe: Absolutely. When facing stagnation, it’s essential to focus on one or two key areas for innovation rather than attempting a complete overhaul. At Lakeba, we update our product line, alter service delivery methods, and adopt or upgrade new technologies in targeted areas. This focused approach enables us to test and adjust effectively without disrupting our entire operation. It’s like having a trial ground before moving forward.

Interviewer: How do you leverage technology to overcome business stagnation?

Giuseppe: Technology plays a pivotal role in driving business growth. We strategically invest in solutions that benefit both internal operations and customer experience. For our staff, we utilise tools for collaboration, automation, and skill development. For our customers, we focus on enhancing products and services through digital platforms, personalised experiences, and efficient communication channels. Staying ahead of technology or traveling with it is crucial; it drives business and productivity.

To wrap up, cultivating a culture where learning is constant, and adaptation is embraced empowers businesses to not only weather challenges but also drive new opportunities for growth.
It is important to empower employees to embrace change. Moreover, creating robust channels for knowledge-sharing within the organisation and listening to customer needs and preferences. By prioritising a dynamic organisational culture and remaining closely to your customers, businesses can navigate through challenges effectively in the ever-evolving market landscape.

Giuseppe Porcelli
Published 05 June 2024