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DoxAI and Saltire Capital Partners Join Forces to Revolutionise Financial Services Industry with AI Solutions Marketplace

DoxAI (part of the Lakeba Group) a cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) company that provides a Marketplace of solutions designed to revolutionise the financial services sector is pleased to announce its partnership with Saltire Capital Partners.

DoxAI’s Marketplace offers a comprehensive suite of AI solutions that will help financial services companies automate and scale their operations, and transform their businesses to meet the demands of a rapidly changing regulatory landscape and customer expectations. These include solutions like Data Exchange, Smart Redaction, Income & Employment Verification, Asset Verification and KYC/KYB/AML/PeP live monitoring.

Adrian Vallino
Adrian Vallino

“I’m excited to partner with Saltire Capital Partners and bring our AI Marketplace to financial services companies around the world,” said Adrian Vallino, CEO & Managing Director of DoxAI. “Our AI technologies will help these companies stay ahead of the curve, confidently compete in a changing regulatory market, and exceed the expectations of their customers. We believe that our AI Marketplace will be the game-changer for the financial services sector, which is already being used at a global level.”

With its innovative AI technologies and deep business expertise, DoxAI is wellpositioned to boost financial services companies as they take advantage of the many opportunities presented by the rapidly evolving financial services landscape. Saltire Capital Partners is confident that its partnership with DoxAI will continue to exponentially scale, as the company continues to grow and disrupt the financial services sector.

“We’re excited to partner with DoxAI, a company that is at the forefront of AI innovation in the financial services sector,” said Peter Gardner, Managing Director of Saltire Capital Partners. “DoxAI’s Marketplace will provide financial services companies with a unique opportunity to seamlessly leverage AI technologies that are designed to streamline their workflows and enhance performance through automation. This will improve the efficiency of any business and their products. It will also help them stay ahead of the competition and exceed the expectations of their clients.”

Saltire Capital Partners and DoxAI are committed to transforming the financial services sector and helping companies maintain a competitive edge in an evolving market. With its cutting-edge AI technologies and innovative approach, DoxAI is poised to make a significant impact in the financial services sector globally.

About DoxAI

DoxAI digitalizes businesses by providing a digital services marketplace accessible by any business size and industry vertical. The range of integrated, digital solutions includes Document Exchange, Asset Verification, AI Document Categorization & QA Validation, Digital eSignature & eWitnessing, Smart Redaction, AML/KYC/KYB Verification & PeP Monitoring, and Income & Employment Verification. DoxAI is a Venture of the Lakeba group. Founded by Giuseppe Porcelli, Entrepreneur and Visionary of Future Technology.

About Saltire Capital

Saltire is a high-value challenger brand to conventional professional service firms and an outcomes-based team that delivers market-leading deal flow. We use our combined 75+ years of experience in debt and equity capital markets and exclusive networks to create highly effective results.

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