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New York, NY – DoxAI (a Venture of Lakeba), an industry-leading technology company, announced today a partnership with Knowledge Preservation, an information governance service provider and consultant to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions that optimize regulatory controls and protect sensitive data through the creation of AI solutions that incorporate information governance best practices. This strategic partnership will allow both companies to seamlessly scale businesses to accommodate growth within a changing compliance environment and to provide clients with defensible and cost-effective solutions to managing today’s regulatory challenges. 

DoxAI, a company dedicated to using AI technology to seamlessly scale and transform business, has joined forces with Knowledge Preservation, a leading information governance consultancy practice, to create solutions that protect sensitive data assets and help organizations demonstrate their commitment to compliance. Together, these companies are uniquely positioned to address the evolving regulatory and compliance landscape and the increasing demands placed on businesses to safeguard their sensitive data. 

Adrian Vallino
Adrian Vallino

Adrian Vallino, CEO & Managing Director of DoxAI says:

“This partnership is a game-changer for businesses operating in regulated industries. We’re excited to partner with New York based company, Knowledge Preservation delivering a unique solution proposition via access to our AI Marketplace enabling businesses to scale and optimize their workflows and improved compliance within an ever-changing regulatory environment. With our combined expertise, we will be able to provide our clients with a comprehensive suite of AI solutions that will help them stay ahead of the curve with minimum disruption, no matter their size.” 

 Phyllis Elin, CEO of Knowledge Preservation, added:

“We are thrilled to partner with DoxAI to deliver innovative solutions that enable our clients to achieve their regulatory compliance objectives while protecting their sensitive data and helping them to find that data when needed. This partnership will help businesses scale and grow in a compliant manner, ensuring they can focus on their core business objectives.” 

The partnership between DoxAI and Knowledge Preservation will provide businesses with a range of services, including secure document and data exchange, ID verification, smart redaction, eSign/eWitness and Information Governance with a primary focus on best-practice Records & Information Management principles and Civil Litigation Support strategies. 

About DoxAI 

DoxAI is a New York-based company that uses AI/ML technology to transform and automate a clients disconnected and repetitive workflows. With its team of experts, DoxAI provides businesses with innovative solutions that help them manage their growth and compliance risks more effectively. DoxAI is a Venture of the Lakeba group. Founded by Giuseppe Porcelli, Entrepreneur and Visionary of Future Technology.

About Knowledge Preservation 

Knowledge Preservation is a RegTech company that provides mission-critical information governance solutions that help companies to protect, find, and enhance the value of their data assets. With expertise in data protection and compliance, Knowledge Preservation helps businesses effectively manage their regulatory compliance and information governance. 

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