Founded by entrepreneurs whose driving force is to innovate technology solutions that meet industry challenges.

Founded by visionary entrepreneurs whose ability to conceive and create innovative solutions and launch fast growth business is well recognised. Supported by a diverse and multi-talented leadership team, Lakeba is home to some of the brightest minds.

Meet Our Executive Leadership Team


Giuseppe Porcelli

Group Chief Executive Officer

Giuseppe is recognised internationally for his role in driving awareness and industry adoption in the transformational emerging technology sphere of AI and Machine Learning. Acknowledged in the media and amongst leaders for his reputation as one of the leading entrepreneurial technology innovators, Giuseppe is the driving force and visionary behind the Lakeba Group.

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Antonella De Rosa

Chief Accounting Officer

Our CEO’s first call for visionary advice and strategic instinct, Antonella brings insightful financial talent to the fore, always maintaining a sharp eye on the balance sheet. Her innate ability to guide the business through its many growth phases demonstrates experienced financial dexterity and a talent for always being in lockstep across all organisational functions.

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Balaji Sivasubramanian

Business Leader, India

Balaji is our seasoned Head of Operations in India, a successful manager with proven experience across a range of technologies. Following a number of years working in Australia he relocated to Coimbatore. Balaji is highly specialised in the management of very large teams. The progress of our growing team in India is testament to this.

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Sergio Petrone

Sergio Petrone

Business Leader, Italy

Sergio leads our business in Italy, bringing extensive experience in the development of multimedia applications, systems and products that entertain, educate, persuade and inform. Sergio has exceptional collaborative and interpersonal skills, and a great capacity to understand customer expectations and requirements; even across the tyranny of distance.

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Geoff Kendall

Chief Corporate Advisor

Geoff balances our enthusiasm for commercialising technologies with the necessary rigour in strategy, documentation and detail. His commercial legal training and deep entrepreneurial experience ensures that we have everything in place to protect our ventures for our customers and investors. While keeping in line with the constantly changing regulatory frameworks that govern our business. Geoff’s philosophy is to optimise our agility and empathy in keeping our customers’ and ventures’ needs addressed.

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Andrew Luraschi

Chief Financial Officer

Andrew steers the financial direction for Lakeba. His energy, knowledge and commitment are faultless, despite our entrepreneurial energy testing his agility with bursts of growth across new industry sectors, geographic markets and new business models. Andrew guides and nurtures the Group and our ventures on their financial journey, with grounded understanding of what makes business tick sustainably.

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Kevin O’Hara

Kevin O’Hara

Chief Investment Officer

Kevin has diverse experience as an investor and as a start-up founder, having founded and exited a number of Australian start-ups. He applies the discipline of graduating with an MBA, majoring in Digital Transformation and Business Intelligence, to fuelling Lakeba’s role in the Venture Capital and Private Equity investment sectors. His focus is on unleashing the potential of Lakeba’s progresses into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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Alberto Basile

Chief Risk Officer

With a Doctorate in Mathematics and deep expertise in software engineering, risk management and finance, Alberto joined Lakeba to navigate and nurture our operations to minimise risk at every level, without becoming averse to the potential benefits that result from taking a calculated punt. He broad understanding ensures that our technologists, entrepreneurs and marketers respect and understand the importance of compliance, governance and regulation.

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Aatral Arasu

Chief Technology Officer

Aatral translates business need into technological capability, extracting the latest advances in digital to deliver services that fuel the Fourth Industrial Revolution. He’s equally comfortable relating to some of the greatest academic computer science minds, as he is talking to business managers needing to solve operational challenges.

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Susanna Passioni

Head of Human Resources

As the HR lead for the Group, Susanna brings to her role many years of senior managerial and sales roles across a number of industries. Susanna’s focus is to continually iterate our employee relations to reflect the growth and maturity of our ventures, and the Group as a whole.

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Jörn Sanda

Jörn Sanda

Chief Marketing Officer

Jörn heads up Lakeba’s marketing function, progressing the Group and its ventures across brand, lead generation, reputation and product portfolios. His focus is to optimise the stage on which the Group and our ventures deliver to the world.

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Technical Program Manager

Darshan Shah

Tech Program Manager

Darshan oversees Lakeba’s production teams, managing the development of new products and features across the technologies commercialised by our ventures. He combines advanced technical understanding with acute comprehension of business needs, creating a development environment where software improvements result in business advances.

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