Founded by entrepreneurs whose driving force is to innovate technology solutions that meet industry challenges.

Founded by visionary entrepreneurs whose ability to conceive and create innovative solutions and launch fast growth business is well recognised. Supported by a diverse and multi-talented leadership team, Lakeba is home to some of the brightest minds.

Meet Our Executive Leadership Team


Giuseppe Porcelli

Founder and CEO of Lakeba

Recognised for his role in driving awareness and industry adoption in the transformational emerging technology sphere of AI and Machine Learning. Acknowledged internationally for his reputation as one of the leading entrepreneurial technology innovators, Giuseppe is the driving force and visionary behind the Lakeba Group. Everyday with Giuseppe is sparked with innovation highs that lets the rest of the team soar. Known for making the impossible possible his view of the world is inspirational. More importantly, the trust he offers the team is the fuel that feeds the powerful and creative innovation mindset that defines Lakeba.

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Darren Younger

Chief Growth Officer for Lakeba. Head of Future Hub.

Darren’s the deal maker. The real McCoy when it comes to opening doors and bringing industry together to accelerate their exposure and immersion into the emerging world of AI and Quantum Computing. A rich history of entrepreneurial pursuits and successful ventures led Darren to Lakeba and the business has benefited from his refreshing and positive belief that technology has the power to change the world as we know it. A father of five, he’s the backbone of Lakeba’s Future Hub and one of our most recognised and visionary speakers on the national and global speaker circuit.

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Aatral Arasu

Co-Founder and CEO of Quixxi Connect

On the surface Aatral comes across as reserved, but dig a little deeper and you’ll get to know the technical genius brewing underneath. He’s been instrumental in architecting many of Lakeba’s ventures and setting up the fast-growing offshore team in India. Outside of work, he can be found playing poker at the local casinos or serving powerful aces at the tennis club.

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Lakeba_COO & CEO_Shelfie

Marco Manera

COO Lakeba, and CEO of Shelfie

With a successful and proven background in leading international organisations, Marco brings calm and pragmatic depth to the frenetic world of Lakeba’s innovation cycle, keeping the team on track at all times. He’s known for eating the same salad for lunch every day, but this hasn’t deterred his appetite for building a thriving business as our COO of Lakeba and CEO of Shelfie, one of our most successful global ventures. As the young silver fox of Lakeba, Marco ensures Lakeba’s engine hums with productivity and energy, the same energy he applies when trekking through forests and hiking mountains in Africa.

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Lakeba_Head_of_Sales & Marketing

Peter Hewett

Chief Sales Officer

A mad cyclist for whom 45 kms before breakfast is light work, Peter brings new meaning to the term focus and harnessing the best out of the growing sales team here in Lakeba. With many of the fast growth Lakeba ventures in his remit, Peter brings discipline and momentum to multiple parts of our entrepreneurial world.

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Tim Brown

CEO Ezifin

Tim Brown brings a depth of experience and gravitas to our leadership team, paving the way for the growing momentum of Lakeba’s innovation focus in the financial sector. With 37 years in senior roles both in Banking and Intermediaries, Tim brings both knowledge and proven industry expertise to the complex world of banking. His role is to create a vision that promises to deliver transparency and simplicity as the anchor of our fintech solution.

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CEO_Ezidox & Verimoto

Geoff Kendall

CEO of Ezidox

A former lawyer who brings a formidable forensic eye for detail and excellence to the award winning Ezidox business. Customer joy and genuine product satisfaction is his daily bread and Geoff is relentless in his ability to grow the customer base for this powerful software solution. Brokers far and wide recognise and welcome Geoff’s committed desire to deliver the very best of technology innovation and this makes him one of the industry’s most effective CEOs.

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Antonella De Rosa

Head of Finance

Our CEO’s first call for visionary advice and strategic instinct, Antonella brings insightful financial talent to the fore, always maintaining a sharp eye on the balance sheet. Her innate ability to guide the business through its many growth phases demonstrates experienced financial dexterity and a talent for always being one step ahead of others. Her unwavering desire to supply the entire office with chocolate makes her the queen of Lakeba and means the team will never go hungry. Her corner of the Lakeba office floor often erupts with much laughter, and makes our world spin at just the right speed.

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Andrew Luraschi


Andrew is one of our star talents, on whom the financial direction of Lakeba rests. His energy, knowledge and commitment is faultless and we constantly test his ability to be agile with the explosion of growth and the many innovative new ventures Lakeba launches. With adept calm Andrew guides and nurtures our corporate business and multiple ventures on their financial journey, bringing grounded insights. Andrew steers the financial direction with a level of stewardship that is second to none. Originally hailing from Perth, Andrew now calls Manly, Sydney his home, adapting quickly to the lifestyle to combine his love for surfing with his addiction to coffee.

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Technical Program Manager

Darshan Shah

Tech Program Manager

Whether it’s launching new products in the market, managing the resources across the company to get the best results, or providing the perfect balance between our development teams and liaising with clients – Darshan makes sure the organisation is working as a well-oiled machine. He heads the development team in India and has been the front man for many of Lakeba’s external projects. Often mistaken for a famous Indian movie star callerd SRK, Darshan is our very own Lakeba star on multiple levels. Autographs are free!

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Alberto Poggiani

Senior Solution Architect

Alberto is literally one of the ”pillars” of Lakeba, not just for his considerable technical skill and seniority but because he is a towering 200 cm. Since the beginning, he has taken care of ezidox nurturing the platform to become one of the most sought after solutions in the fintech and professional services space. When he is not in our Manly office, you’ll find him on his farm in Adelaide, surrounded by a menagerie of farm animals on a pristine piece of land; the best way to fight the stress of the city. A brilliant mind, a meticulous team player, and an incredibly patient human being, Alberto is quintessentially Lakeba.

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Myrna Van Pelt

Head of Corporate Communications

Of the belief the world can be saved one insightful story at a time, Myrna plays a critical role in directing Lakeba Group’s strategic communications, brand and reputational weight, garnering the vital limelight our innovation deserves. Over 19 years’ experience in driving strategic impact and reputational value for a wide range of corporate brands and their leaders, Myrna brings to the business compelling story telling, and precision of language. Away from her keyboard, she is also adept at sugar and spice; known to design and bake addictive cakes, and play the piano late at night.

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Alberto Basile

Chief Risk Officer

With a Doctorate in Mathematics and strong expertise in Software Engineering, Risk Management and Finance, Alberto joined Lakeba to contribute his expertise as our Chief Risk Officer. Inspired by the immense disruptive potential of technology, Alberto is working hard to fly the flag in the name of compliance, governance and regulation. Outside of work, you’ll see him walking along the beach, swimming in the ocean like a local. An Italian national, Alberto now calls Australia home.

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Balaji Sivasubramanian

Business Leader, India

Balaji is our seasoned Head of Operations in India, a successful manager with proven experience across a range of technologies. Following a number of years working in Australia he decided that India was the right place to host his future life. Balaji is highly specialised in the management of very large teams. The success of our fast growing team in India is testament to this. His considered approach is greatly valued and he’s and expert at distributing resources across our multiple ventures. It is this talent we benefit from the most given the scale and speed at which the Lakeba business grows. Bigger challenges are waiting for him on the horizon, both in the professional realm and closer to home as a father to be!

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Susanna Passioni

HR lead

As the HR lead for the business, Susanna brings to her role many years of senior managerial and sales roles across a number of industries. Susanna has shown an innate ability in lifting the quality of our employee relations. Given the pace of growth in Lakeba, the role of HR becomes a critical touch point for new and existing staff. In this environment, Susanna is increasingly adept in driving strategic alignment of employee well-being and Lakeba’s goals and aspirations; she always seeks to bring meaning to our pursuit of being an employer of choice. Susanna demonstrates strong pragmatism and a nurturing, empathetic heart, helping our people be the best version of themselves. She is also known as the Lady of the Rings for her passion in collecting exquisite, handcrafted jewellery.

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Sergio Petrone

Sergio Petrone

Business Leader, Italy

Our Lakeba Lead in Italy. Highly creative and multitalented, Sergio brings extensive experience in the development of multimedia applications, systems and products that entertain, educate, persuade or inform the user. A man of few words, he believes an image – the right one – is worth a thousand words. Providing the bridge between Italy and Australia, Sergio has exceptional collaborative and interpersonal skills, and a great capacity to understand customer expectations and requirements. At Lakeba he has been working across a diverse range of projects always showing pragmatism, flexibility and bringing creative depth to the process. As part of our global team, Sergio plays a crucial role in helping our business connect across the globe and aligning the efforts of our team based in Italy.

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