About the role

Money makes the world go. You’ll make it better, faster and more profound.

By commercialising our portfolio of technologies powering the absolute best in financial services.

You’ll be a leader amongst fintech pioneers. Directing our eziTECH leadership team’s responsibilities for liberating financial innovations. Working directly with Lakeba’s CEO as part of his business building executive team.

eziTECH is our specialist fintech SaaS venture. Supplying the big end of town and the smallest credit union with modular solutions built on a microservice architecture. Created by developers for developers, eziTECH provides flexibility, scalability and speed in deploying digital banking, financial and adjacent services.

You’ll be responsible for driving the commercialisation of our technologies, recruiting and maturing a formidable team, and expanding and maintaining strong internal and external networks essential for eziTech’s clients’ successes. And the wider fintech communities’.

There’s a good right-hander to take your mind off things over lunch, if you surf. If you don’t – the beach provides a broad track for walking and talking things through with the other general managers of all the businesses Lakeba’s building.

Key Responsibilities

  • eziTech’s ready to cut the apron strings by maturing into a fully commercialised business. It’ll be your responsibility to give the business the confidence to do so. With all the support and resource you need, where you scope and manage what needs to be done, how it’ll be done and by when.
  • You’ll work and walk in our customers shoes. For miles. Setting the standards and processes that ensure our customers can go where others can’t because of our enviable leadership in serving the financial services sector.
  • The only surprises under your watch will be the gifts our customers send us in delight. You’ll ensure that everything else is a calculated decision, confident that there’s no fun without risk. Fun’s part of the job, which is yours to define for yourself and your eziTECH team.
  • Ignore those wanting to poach you for the progress you’re achieving with us; in favour of resetting the boundaries of where we can strive.

Required Skills

  • Solid core banking knowledge that lets you sort your Temenos’s from your Finestra’s in your sleep.
  • Able and willing to lead from the front, the back and the sides – depending on what’s best for any given situation.
  • Have your head in the Clouds, but only when it comes to technology. In every other aspect you’ll be both feet firmly on the ground, sleeves rolled up.
  • Able to understand complex technology and able to translate this into value propositions that financial services providers get excited about.
  • Agile, in every sense of the word. And have a solid track record in delivery.
  • Keen and able to listen so others can be heard, and motivated to get stuck in with helping a small team achieve massive dreams.
  • Graduated with qualifications that wins and retains the respect of computer scientists while impressing bankers.