About the role

The Ezidox EVP, Country Manager will have overall responsibility for leading the US Business Venture aligned to the Global Strategy, including managing the commercials, processes and infrastructure that will drive financial performance, developing and expanding the venture’s sales and marketing functions, and driving customer acquisitions that will fuel revenue growth.

The Ezidox SVP, Country Manager will report to the Ezidox CEO in Australia

The Ezidox SVP, Country Manager will work closely with Lakeba Group leadership team to lead by demonstrating and fostering a culture of personal responsibility, initiative, and integrity.


  • Provide critical insights necessary to drive optimization of product offerings
  • Develop a proactive sales framework needed to actively scale the business, including building a high performing sales team that exceeds performance targets
  • Develop the operational infrastructure, systems and processes to promote growth
  • Develop the venture’s short and long-term goals and strategies
  • Align the Venture’s strategy with the overall goals of the Group
  • Build and manage a high-performing team that can effectively execute plans in support of the venture’s growth


  • Lead the promotion and implementation of agreed strategic goals and objectives of the Venture in the US in collaboration with Global Strategy
  • Encourage a culture that is consistent with the Venture’s vision, values and goals and is focused on continuous improvement and innovation
  • Promote the development of leadership capabilities in others, strengthen individual and team capabilities
  • Promote understanding, respect and trust between different groups, professions, cultures and points of view


  • Develop and recommend strategic goals and objectives (with evidence-based arguments) for the Board’s consideration
  • Submit reports budgets and financial statements to the Board, on time and in accordance with
  • Protect and enhance the image and reputation of the Venture
  • Ensure compliance with legal and regulatory obligations

Desired Characteristics/Attributes

  • Empathetic and collaborative style of communication and leadership
  • Ability to build consensus and then be decisive
  • Relentless follow-up
  • High standards and desire for excellence
  • Rigorously disciplined but able to think freely and creatively
  • Customer-centric
  • Metrics-driven
  • Self-confident and assured; unafraid to challenge the status quo
  • Willingness to roll sleeves up and do the work