Euroshop 2017: Dusseldorf, here we come!

We’re on the road again! Euroshop 2017 is coming and Shelfie Robot will be there.

One of the best things about being an innovation company is being able to showcase our new products to the world.  Our next stop is Germany, as we visit the 2017 EuroShop Trade Fair.

The Shelfie team has had a packed international calendar as we demonstrate how our world-first technology can automatically scan supermarket and retail outlet shelves to identify missing stock and check that everything is looking at its best for optimal sales. Our next stop will be alongside some of the brightest minds in retail.

Euroshop 2017

About Shelfie

Available as a series of fixed “eyes” or a robotic device, Shelfie has the potential to eliminate user error, saving businesses not only time, but thousands in missing sales opportunities. By harnessing image recognition and wireless technology, the device scans shelves, automatically noting stock gaps and where products are not being presented properly. The platform can be used to create helpful reports, showing store managers where the challenges are and which are in urgent need of restocking.

Notifications and data analysis are two of this platform’s features, both of which can help to improve the efficiency of any supermarket or large retail business.

With Shelfie, store workers are no longer forced to spend tedious hours counting and keeping track of stock, meaning they are free to take on more productive and profitable tasks. The amount of human error is eliminated, reducing time it takes to keep the store looking it’s best, and fully stocked.

Reviving the challenged retail landscape

An Australian-developed technology, Shelfie is playing its part in contributing to the retail industry, an environment that has been struggling to stay afloat in recent years due to advanced online shopping technology.

With everything available at their fingertips online, shoppers want the same convenience from retail outlets, and expect the products they wish to buy to be in-stock and readily available. Shelfie makes it easier for managers and staff to make sure that their customers get what they came for.

The Shelfie technology has the power to save supermarkets and retailers thousands of dollars per year, and is already set to be trialled in some outlets in the UK, Australia, Europe and South Africa.

About Euroshop 2017

Touted as the World’s #1 Retail Trade Fair, EuroShop will feature 2,500 exhibitors from over 60 countries around the world. This year’s fair covers seven “different dimensions” and digital technology will feature heavily.

There will be many exhibits featuring new digital technology as well as talks and discussions, to be held at seven different locations throughout the event.

The innovations Shelfie will be lining up alongside will include digital advertising displays, payment technologies and products showcasing the Internet of Things. We will be joining exhibitors from Germany, the UK, the USA, Italy and France – to name a few!

Being able to take part in the world’s biggest retail trade fair is an exciting opportunity, and we are looking forward to showing the world just how much Shelfie is capable of.

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