Wine for Sport – Lakeba’s latest venture!

July 2, 2015
Wine for Sport is an Aussie company that has solved the problem of fundraising for sports clubs. Wine for Sport is a company designed with grass root sports clubs in mind. Our aim is to make the fundraising process very easy so adult supporters can help their chosen club and also enjoy some premium quality wine at the same time. Raising funds is always a challenge. We are a simple fundraising company that raises money for sporting clubs by selling wine from our online store on behalf of the club. From football to fencing, netball to nippers, soccer to squash or tennis to track, Wine for Sport is far more enjoyable than charity chocolates and simple too. There is no admin or fuss for the team and no investment from their end! We are all web based to make this process quick and simple for everyone involved. This is an on-going program so sports clubs will never have to worry about how their teams will raise money again. WIN/WIN – Adult supporters receive their wine orders and enjoy! The sporting clubs receive much needed funds to go towards equipment, team trips, and skill development. The list goes on!