Look the world with cats’ eyes with Catstacam and Lakeba

April 28, 2016

Lakeba worked successfully with Clemenger BBDO Sydney for Whiskas on CATSTACAM, the first camera to give cats a social media presence.

Whiskas Catstacam is the winner for AC&E 2015 (read more here http://acandeawards.com/2015-winners/). But how did this idea start and how did the Lakeba Group contribute to its realisation?

Case Study or The Catsta-Story

Have you ever wondered what your cat was trying to tell you with its actions? With Whiskas Catstacam your pet can interact with you in a way like never before! Whiskas is an internationally known cat food brand, but it has never been considered an expert in cat behaviour. So how can they change that? The answer: “Whiskas Catstacam”, a social media solution to help people better understand their cats by seeing the word through their eyes. Lakeba Group in collaboration with Clemenger BBDO Sydney built cameras that let cats take photos from their point of view and automatically post on their very own Instagram account.

Why Catstacam changed cats’lifes?

Catstacam gives people the chance to see the world through cats’ eyes and to better understand their behaviour. In fact, each photo brings a specific cat behaviour into light. Thanks to #askwhiskas on Instagram, in a few weeks, Whiskas will have answered more than hundreds of cat-related questions with a 400% uplift in sales and over 13 million earned media. The Catstacam campaign went viral, featured on blogs and news sites all around the world generating over then one million views of the online film and 585 million media impressions. The Lakeba Group, with Clemenger BBDO Sydney and Whiskas, collaborate  to give users a completely new perspective. This dedication to creativity gives Whiskas more than an idea, but an invention that combines  innovation, social media, and marketing to produce the one and only Catstacam

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