Innovation is important for corporates and start-ups

April 27, 2016

“Innovation is for corporates and start-ups”.

Check out this article from Darren Younger, our CEO – Commercialisation of Lakeba Group.

The CEO of Lakeba Group, which specialises in rapid commercialisation and innovation technology, has analysed four cases in other countries (Spain, England, Canada and Denmark) to identify innovation in a concrete way. He looked four ways the federal government and corporations have created a culture of creativity and make engaged the community.

Is there any innovation for corporates in Australia?

Darren Younger regrets not the lack of this support for innovation in Australia. Even though commitment and federal government funding exist, they are not really used for any innovative projects like those that Younger describes.

“We need to implement and monetise advances in technology in order to move forward as a nation” and “The problem I see is that Australia is lagging behind the rest of the Western world” wrote Younger.

He continued:”Corporate business needs to be fully plugged into the innovation equation. These companies have the resources and manpower to implement new technologies at a fast pace. They also have marketing departments”.

An example of partnership in action

He gave an example of “partnership in action” to clarify further. Recently, an operation called Sydney Sports Incubator has been created and supported by the Sydney Olympic Park Authority, Lakeba Group, and NSW Institute of Sport. This incubator is designed to help companies and start-ups build on their innovative products and services.

Darren Younger insists innovation is as important for large corporations as it is for start-ups and he suggests, instead of spending money on advertising to build awareness of why innovation is important, to show successful case studies to underline how innovation is important.

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