Getting lost? Find your way with 360 explorer App

November 24, 2016

Do you remember our participation in the Future Transport Beacon Innovation Challenge organised by Transport for NSW and Sydney Trains?

Last Tuesday we had the chance to do a demo of about 15 minutes at the Chatswood station to show how the App our team has built is working.

Alberto Poggiani, who managed this project, has expressed his satisfaction about the result achieved:

“At Lakeba, we are very proud to have the opportunity to showcase of our ventures, and Quixxi, in partnership with Microsoft, and work together to complete this challenging project”.

“How can Lakeba make public transport easier using and Quixxi with the help of Microsoft?”

“Our work is to solve problems. In this case, we realised that people often get lost in stations and public transport interchanges. Everybody is in a rush, and often cannot find their way to the train platforms, to a restaurant/shops, resulting in a poor customer experience and loss of commercial opportunities. Have you ever been to Central Station in Sydney?”

Alberto Poggiani said:

“We started thinking about how to use a new technology made available by Transport for NSW and Bluecats. We wanted to leverage the products created by our ventures – and Quixxi – to make public transport a better experience for everyone, customers and business. This was the beginning of our project, this was the beginning of “360 explorer” App”

This challenge was organised by Transport for NSW and Sydney Trains, to trial the use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons. These beacons were deployed to enable vision impaired customers to find their way around Chatswood Interchange. Working on this project inspired TfNSW to look for other ways that BLE beacons can benefit travellers.

All the participants in this competition were invited to come up with an innovative product to benefit the commuter experience.

Starting from this brief, the team came up with a solution that satisfies customers and business needs. While customers need to find their way around the station, commercial providers and Transport for NSW need to better connect with them.

Lakeba developed an iOS app, that leverages the 360 player SDK and 360 content produced by, while Quixxi Analytics SDK is used to collect analytics data, which in turn is then used by Microsoft Power BI to provide insights to TfNSW about their customers behaviour.

Imagine you are in the Chatswood station and you have just downloaded 360 explorer App. Are you ready?

First turn on you Bluetooth; you will immediately receive a message to welcome you to the station. You can choose any POI (Point Of Interest) you prefer, for example the ticket machine, the platforms, toilets etc.. and watch the 360 degrees video about it.

Every POI has a short description, it is linked with other websites (for example the POI of platforms is linked with the Transport Sydney website), but there is more…

Don’t forget that you can use both the App also from home; the difference is that if you are in the station the App can see your position and it gives you a better idea of where you are what’s around you.

If you want have a better idea about your position in the station, you can easily click on the map and see where is your position and how to reach your point of interest

This is a system that benefits both sides, users and business.

360 explorer App gives the users a unique and immersive experience. Thanks to a easy information access and retailer opportunity exposition; this allows users to become familiar with a train station, even before they leave home.

Promotion of local retailers, self funding, customer insights are just a few of the many advantages that Transport Sydney can benefit from thanks to 360 explorer App.

360 explorer App is a perfect example of how we can use 360 degree video and adopt this technology to make people’s everyday lives more convenient, easy and happy.

Thanks to Quixxi, Analytics data will be captured from the real and the virtual world to provide a different view of the customer experience.

Thanks to the insights captured by Quixxi, Transport Sydney can optimise infrastructures or modify the target of specific advertising when they realise that in a specific time there is a massive concentration of people. Another reason why analytics is relevant is for security. Having a better understanding and a clear vision of how many people stand in the station everyday can be an incentive for improvement from a security, commercial or technical point of view.

The project is also flexible and configurable for different kind of business; now we are focused on a train station, but it could be an excellent solution for airports, shopping centres, hospitals, museums and the list can be endless.

Now we have to wait for the response of Transport Sydney and understand if it can be a genuine interest in our project, but until then we don’t intend to stop working on our 360 explorer App!

“By helping commuters to plan their trips using our App, or to navigate their way around a train station, travelling will become less stressful and more convenient” stated Alberto Poggiani.

“Without forgetting that data tracking and analysis can provide Transport for NSW deeper insights into consumer behaviour and activities, making TfNSW able to integrate helpful updates, timetable changes and advertisements”

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