From Tech Beach to technology powerhouse – our big news (By Darren Younger)

June 15, 2015
The ride since starting TechBeach in 2012 has been a roller coaster of big ideas, late nights and exciting wins. The business has come a long way in the short time it has been up and running. We have scored many goals, propelling some incredible innovation into the commercial space.  When Premier Mike Baird launched TechBeach, we believed that we would create something special for NSW and Australia, and now we are ready for the next chapter of that amazing journey. I am excited to announce this very big change. TechBeach has merged with partner Lakeba Group. This strategic move will join two ground breaking and like-minded businesses. Both companies pride ourselves on being at the forefront of commercialising the latest developments in technology. Together we will become an even greater powerhouse. If you’re not familiar with Lakeba Group, it is headed up by Giuseppe Porcelli, the original innovation enthusiast. Lakeba identifies great innovations and technologies, rapidly scales systems and delivers fast prototypes. It is able to do this by utilising team members in offices spanning the globe. Lakeba has had some amazing wins in recent times, working with state government and corporate brands. Together, Lakeba and TechBeach have experience and development capabilities that are almost unbeatable. We have proven track records of rapidly turning great concepts into great profits. We love innovation and working together has created a fun and exciting workplace for creativity and thinking well outside the box. Watch this space! Lakeba Group will be taking on Australia and beyond, changing the world with innovation. We are looking forward to sharing more wins with you in the very near future.