Evening Forum: Disruptive Innovations – Blockchain Technology

August 6, 2018

As part of the German Week Sydney 2018, the German Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce is partnering with Lakeba and playing a panel role in o “Disruptive Innovations – Blockchain Technology’’ Evening Forum, which will be held on the 13th of August in Sydney.

In the last few years, Blockchain technology has captured the attention of multiple businesses and has been able to demonstrate it can have an extraordinary impact on different aspects of our work, our society and our lives.

The list of industries ripe for disruption by Blockchain is impressive, from transportation, data management, legal services, banking, cybersecurity, forecasting, supply chain management, insurance, and government.

At Lakeba, Blockchain developments guide much of our daily journey, particularly for our growing team of solution architects and blockchain developers. This allows us to regularly navigate new territory in the emerging technology sphere.

We are excited to be part of this upcoming event, and this comes just a month on the heels of our launch of the Lakeba Future Hub, a visionary consortium of leading technology, law, taxation and educational firms, with a focus on accelerating blockchain adoption and development by Australian businesses.

We have already seen a high level of interest from Australian companies who have long wanted to take the blockchain journey, however, they hadn’t the confidence of doing so for lack of knowledge and awareness of the blockchain expertise available in this market.

The “Disruptive Innovations – Blockchain Technology’’ Evening Forum, promoted by the German-Australian Chamber and Lakeba will be the perfect opportunity to hear more about Blockchain and its potential to revolutionise the world, with a focus on how to improve efficiency, prevent fraud and navigate the legal issues in this sphere.

You can find more information and register for the event here

You can register to the event here

The panel will include:

  • Prof Tom Smith, Head of Department of Applied Finance at Macquarie University (moderator)
  • Alec Christie, Partner Digital Law at EY
  • Chris Francis, Sales Manager at Microsoft
  • Dr Hayley Maynard, Senior Manager, Market & Competitor Strategy at Allianz Australia
  • Darren Younger, Chief Growth Officer at Lakeba

This Evening Forum forms part of the German Week Sydney 2018 (11 Aug –18 Aug). More information on the German Week and other events can be found here.

About Lakeba Group

Operating since 2013, Lakeba is an established technology innovator with extensive experience delivering solutions that incorporate latest technologies such as AI, Mixed Reality and blockchain. With 150 staff, the company is headquartered in Sydney, NSW, with offices in Europe, UK, USA, India and Singapore. Through their unique business platform Lakeba rapidly creates, builds and scales new products and services to drive value for businesses and communities across the globe.

The company has taken a first mover advantage, rapidly expanding its blockchain capabilities and engaging with industry to drive the opportunities inherent in this new technology.