Co-working Membership Plan

Whether you’re just starting up, a seasoned entrepreneur, need workspace for your team, or just looking to get out of the house,
Lakeba is for you – explore our workspace and book your plan!

Full time membership
$710 per month


  • 5 days/week access
  • Permanent desk
  • Fair use meeting room access
  • Printing facilities
  • Full kitchen facilities
Part time membership
$550 per month


  • 12 days/month access
  • 9am – 6pm
  • Part-time hot desk
  • Fair use meeting room access
  • Printing facilities
  • Full kitchen facilities
Hire Meeting room


  • Large boardroom (12 people)
  • Two meeting rooms to choose from (6 people)



Please read the below information and sign to confirm you understand all member requirements:

Invoicing and general membership

  1. You will be invoiced monthly and are required to pay within 7 days.
  2. You are required to give 30 day’s notice in writing if you decide to cease your


  1. Only full time members are able to leave a computer screen and personal belongings on a permanent desk. Part time does not have a specific desk and will need to clear the desk after each day.
  2. The printer is only for reasonable daily printing. If you have to print a large amount of documents please discuss with management before going ahead with the print job.
  3. Please do not download illegal content such as Music, Movies and TV Shows through the WiFi.
  4. You will be sent a LiquidSpace login. Please book the meeting rooms and boardroom through this booking engine.
  5. Please use the phone booths for all long phone conversations.


  1. Please keep your desk and belongings tidy.
  2. Please clearly mark anything you would like to keep in the kitchen fridge. If items are not clearly marked they will be thrown out. The fridges will be cleaned on the first weekend of each month
  3. At the end of your day please take all your cups, glasses and plates to the kitchen.
  4. Please show respect to your fellow members and clean up after yourself in the

Kitchen and the bathroom

  1. Please clear all glasses, cups and paperwork from meeting rooms after use. There is no eating in meeting rooms unless you have prior management permission.


  1. Please make sure you check the mail at the front desk regularly. All members are permitted to have mail and packages delivered to the Manly office however the responsibility of all items delivered to Lakeba is that of the person the mail/package is addressed to. Please be conscious of this and check regularly at reception.

Last to leave the office

  1. If you are the last to leave the office at night please ensure you turn the lights off, turn the heater/air conditioner off (remote located at front desk) and close/lock the door.