Lakeba announces the world’s first B2B utility token

Lakeba TGE announcement

The Lakeba Group, which has a unique business platform for conceiving, creating and rapidly commercialising digital innovations, has today announced that it has developed a new utility token, (LKA), to streamline its business operations, empower greater speed to market and provide an improved way for businesses to access its’ current and evolving range of ventures.

With a focus on moving rapidly from creation to commercialisation, the diversified, global team at Lakeba are leading the development of solutions that harness technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Interactive Reality, and increasingly blockchain, to have a scalable, transformative effective across a range of industries.

Our current ventures

Shelfie which maximises the profitability of each and every retail shelf, and is currently in pilot with 7 of the top 10 global retailers;

360dgrees which builds interactive 360  reality platforms to engage, monitor and impact human behaviours, and is currently being adopted by leading enterprises to address a range of challenges including training;

Ezidox, a digital solution for accelerating revenue through enabling faster  document collection;

Verimoto, which uses cutting edge digital technology to revolutionise the private vehicle financing market;

Prophetico, a powerful, intelligent search engine that identifies information, predicts trends and delivers insights that are simply not possible using traditional research methods.

CEO Giuseppe Porcelli said “Lakeba Ventures rapidly being adopted by the world’s leading enterprises. The Lakeba Token recognises the growth and scalability opportunity of current ventures and the inherent value of the unique Lakeba business platform.

Our unique shared services model and specialist teams work across the conceive, create and commercialise areas of the business. This enables Lakeba to work quickly and effectively across all projects and ventures while maintaining a dedicated focus into each

This is a risk-free opportunity for the enterprise to find a solution, and if proven, the enterprise becomes the first client of the newly commercialised solution”.

Lakeba Tokens

Lakeba tokens will be based on Ethereum ERC20 standard, a blockchain based distributed computing platform. Ethereum allows smart contracts – distributed computer programs that can help online contractual agreements in a cryptocgraphically secure manner. Ethereum is open sourced and adopted by leading institutions worldwide.

The Lakeba Token is the utility token which provides access to the platforms for transactions and services. Each LKA Token grants the holder the rights to access services of the Lakeba ventures.

In turn, the Lakeba Token will enable a more efficient, streamlined operating model with a single cryptocurrency to remove cost and time associated with intermediaries, exchange rate management and other barriers, ultimately expediting delivery of transformative solutions and better business and social outcomes.

The Lakeba token (LKA) presale commences on November, 1, 2017

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