Interview with Krissy Sutton, the new VP Sales for Quixxi™ in USA

Today, Lakeba Group counts more than 200 people in five locations with five separate ventures – and the number of new employees, collaborators, investors, developers and others working for the group and its ventures is increasing day by day.

We are currently working hard to build our presence in the USA by establishing an office in the heart of tech innovation – San Francisco. Accordingly, it is our pleasure to introduce our new VP Sales for Quixxi™ USA, Krissy Sutton.

Krissy has been working with C-Level executives for ERP consulting implementations, upgrades, and managed services in the banking, manufacturing, high technology, healthcare, & casino gaming industry since 2007. Most recently with Check Point Software Technologies, Krissy achieved the title of Check Point Certified Sales Representative indicating her qualification as a global cybersecurity expert.

Krissy met Lakeba Group’s CEO, Giuseppe Porcelli, in San Francisco during a public meetup about Cybersecurity.  “We started talking about cybersecurity and Giuseppe introduced me to Quixxi” explained Krissy “I was immediately fascinated by the concept of specific security and licensing for Mobile Apps and I decided to meet Giuseppe for a second time to see if there was a role for me.  Luckily there was!”.

How has your passion about technology and cybersecurity developed over the years?

I followed the market trends in technology during the housing crisis bubble in 2008. I got out of real estate to jump into technology consulting sales. I knew I could make a good living in tech, so I started searching for the right role. Even though I had little experience in tech at that time, I knew I was good at sales, professional networking, business development, relationship marketing, door to door sales, cold calling and getting meetings. The CEO of an offshore Oracle consulting business met with me and hired me on the spot. I was their first salesperson in the US and I was responsible to bring in revenue, recruit and to call on CIO’s for managed consulting services.  

“LinkedIn was just launched and I started using it to make connections with CIO’s quickly. Most of them gladly accepted my invitation, especially if I knew something about them or their interests. I eventually started receiving calls & requests for meetings and referrals by the CIO’s. I was rejected by a few but I did not let that stop me! I went to the company’s website to see what technologies they were using & looking for so I had something to talk about when calling them. It worked!”

Krissy Sutton

“When the move to cloud started 7 years ago I thought I would try cybersecurity since there was not much to implement and more CIO’s were concerned with compliance, licensing, privacy and security”.

What makes Quixxi™ interesting for developers and owners of apps?

Quixxi works with mobile app companies ensuring their app is secure. With its Multi-Layered Security Framework + Advanced Licensing capabilities Quixxi™ makes sure that apps are protected from unlawful penetration, hacking & unauthorized distribution.

In addition, Quixxi has a very proactive team of R&D experts continually monitoring and looking for new ways a hacker could exploit an app. We use that knowledge to further enhance the security protocols in our framework”.

What makes Quixxi™ interesting for you?

When I started looking at Quixxi as a product I was impressed by its uniqueness in the market since it has been created for every app and for every developer. What I like about Quixxi is that the company focuses on Cybersecurity on mobile devices when everyone else is focusing on enterprise platforms“.

Mobile apps are increasing much faster than we imagined, and more people use their mobile device then they do a desktop computer. People are also purchasing more from mobile apps, which means storing credit card data and personal information. The app owner must keep its reputation by ensuring that they have the proper security in place to protect the customer’s personal and financial data. Additional measures such as monthly & quarterly vulnerability pen tests and compliance with specific guidelines such as OWASP will help ensure they are following proper policies and procedures.

When it was primarily games on mobile devices, it wasn’t so critical. Now that banking, healthcare & e-commerce apps have to be protected there will be a much greater need for security tools – and that is why I joined Quixxi!  I see a high growth in the mobile app cybersecurity sector and a rewarding long term career in this space

We are very excited to have Krissy Sutton on board for Quixxi and we look forward

to providing you more updates about her progress in the USA and the continuing evolution of Quixxi.