Innovation Roundtable – Patient Experience

How is innovation impacting and changing the patient experience?

Start finding your answers at the Health Industry Innovation Round Table on Friday 2nd of December in Manly.
Join a select group of CEOs and senior-level executives to talk about topics and challenges including the struggle to innovate, de-risk and conquer digital disruption to deliver the best patient experience.

We’ll also get practical so you can walk away with tools your organisation can use to take ideas from genesis to commercialisation.

Patient experience

What will the patient experience of 2020 look like?

Patient experience

The event will be held on Friday, 2nd of December 2016 at the Lakeba office, Level 2, 6 The Corso in Manly, NSW 2095

Below the Agenda:

1:30pm – Coffee, registration and networking

1:45pm – Welcome and introduction

2:00pm – Disruption by digital innovation

2:30pm – Technology showcase: The future is a lot closer than we thought

3:00pm – Interactive workshop: How is innovation changing and impacting the patient experience?

4:30pm – Close