What’s next? From e-commerce to VR-commerce

Hololens AR - it's amazing

How is VR changing our world?

Shopping is one of the areas that is going to be “affected” most by Virtual reality because it’s able to provide the potential customers with more information than usual about the location, the product, features and the experience of buying or not buying that specific service or product.

E-commerce already gives the customer the chance to purchase a product from home.

VR-commerce will offer something more: not only the comfort of buying everything you want from any remote location but it allows the customer to have the power to completely control the process, watching the whole purchasing experience with their own eyes before they purchase anything.

We are running an amazing event to explain the endless possibilities of VR-commerce and how it is going to transform and empower the customer experiences.

Do not miss out next event on Tuesday 22 November,2016 at 9:00 am – 12:30 pm AEDT at the Lakeba office, Level 2, 6 The Corso in Manly, NSW 2095. 

CMO Innovation Masterclass

Join a select group of CMOs and senior-level executives to talk about the emerging change from e-commerce to VR-commerce.

We’ll also get practical so you can walk away with examples your organisation can use to move into the world of VR-commerce.

Register now by clicking the link below:

CMO Innovation Masterclass: From e-Commerce to VR-Commerce

What does VR-Commerce of 2020 look like? 

The Masterclass will be held on Tuesday, 22November,2016, at the Lakeba office, Level 2, 6 The Corso in Manly, NSW 2095

Below the agenda:

9:00am – Coffee, registration and networking

9:30am – Welcome and introduction

10:00am – Disruption by digital innovation

10:30am – Technology showcase: The future is a lot closer than we thought

11:00am – Interactive workshop: The impact of moving from e-commerce to VR-commerce

12:30pm – Close